Workers at Italian Electrolux factory went on strike


The strike began at Electrolux factory in Suseggan in northern Italy. The workers are demanding better working conditions.

Electrolux factory in Italy
Electrolux factory in Italy

On May 4, Italy lifted the lockdown, and many enterprises resumed their activities. At Electrolux factory, the employer provided workers with FFP2 and FFP3 face masks. However, according to FIOM CGIL Secretary General Treviso Enrico Botter, these masks make it difficult to breathe. Also, when people are working on conveyors, masks cause profuse sweating, which really interferes with the normal workflow.

The union demands to either replace the masks with more comfortable ones, or introduce more breaks for rest.

“All this in order to find a balance between the protection of health, the quality of professional life and labor legislation,” said the union leader.

From the beginning of the virus outbreak and the introduction of the lockdown regime, the question of the acquisition of personal protective equipment and mechanical ventilation devices arose sharply. The rich immediately started buying mechanical ventilation for their own needs, and speculators intercepted the sale of PPE, while the state could not even provide doctors with them. That is how capitalism works. With increasing demand, the price rises. At the same time, the health of workers is put in the background.