Why take the knee? BLM and how the bourgeoisie “supports” people’s movements


For the last century, the bourgeoisie has perfected its art giving workers false goals, false values and lead them to false lighthouses. There is no shortage of that in Russia, take for example Pussy Riot’s case. But let us look at the world.

Black Lives Matter (BLM). Taking the knee in squares. Taking the knee in stadiums. Football players and politicians, policemen and racers and god only know who else, is taking the knee. Imperialistic mass media spreading the wave say that this is the symbol of solidarity with black people around the world.

Hey, guys, do you really think that black people need exactly this type of “fight against racism”? Are you sure that maybe they don’t instead need work, equal rights, human conditions but rather this clownery? In your opinion, they are such snobby bastards, that they long for seeing white people on their knees?

But probably it is you, capitalists, who want to show them like that? Probably it is bourgeois mass media, who has been nursing hate of white against “black scum” and hate of black for “rich whites” for years? Sounds familiar, right? Do you remember the end of the “Perestroika”? Back in those days contra (counter-revolutionaries) were shouting to Russians: “Russia is feeding the republics”, and the republics said: “Russia takes all away”. Divide and conquer, pit against and rob.

Look at the skilful villainy the capital has learned to manipulate public awareness with. Like a hundred years ago it is ready to drug any dangerous movement through the mud. But if it doesn’t work, the tactics changes. Bourgeois mass media use the principle “If you can’t beat them, join them”. They start to propagandize the movement and at the same time change its public face beyond all recognition. They start do disservices, one after another, which make you grasp your head and remember the popular saying: “With friends like these, you don’t need enemies”.

For example, exaltation and justifying the personality of George Floyd. No, we don’t explain to people how a black guy, growing up in poverty, has become a criminal. Instead of this, we trumpet him as a saint person right and left. We install statues of him, make his image sickeningly sweet.

Or the activity of the BLM movement. Why speak about the police misconduct, abuses in private prisons or demands for improvement of the police officers training? Let’s better support all reactionary tendencies inside BLM. Let’s propagandize BLM as the movement of “black against white” and create companies of false “solidarity”, actually companies of chauvinism, fighting against “wrong” inequality for “right” inequality.

Now the result is achieved: more and more people start turning their back on BLM. Recently thousands of people in Budapest, Hungary have carried the banner with the crossed image of a man kneeling. This type of mood is seen everywhere. Open “Pikabu” and in the “Trending” section you will see plenty of scoffing posts relishing something about “monkeys”. For example, posts telling about a banana placed near Floyd’s monument. The logical result of capitalist propaganda.

It’s like that with anything. Anywhere there are people’s movements, the skilled bourgeoisie imposes its value system, poisons movements with false landmarks. The bourgeoisie is not against popular movements, please! It simply creates the rules of the game: “Here are some popular values for you, which you should lead to, absolutely.” There are “red flags”, which you are not allowed to cross. Now go ahead!

If you are left-wing, you should support LGBT, or you are not left enough. If you don’t support LGBT, there is a well-trodden path for you towards the fascists. If you are standing for humanism, you should also stand for tolerance. If you are not tolerant – you are welcome to the rightists. If you are for a fundamental change of social order, be ready to hope for elections. Otherwise, you are marginal and an extremist and should be placed in jail.

As we can see, the bourgeoisie wins anyway. If you are still “left”, “progressive”, etc., you should obey rules, that is to say, fight inside the system and try to retouch it. If political correctness and vulgar and faked discourses on “universal human values” make you sick, if you shy away from such “leftists”, you automatically become a fascist, traditionalist, conservative, i.e. an infantryman of the bourgeoisie. The system works. Everything fell into place.

Personally, we believe an important part of all theoretical and ideological struggle of communists is breaking out from this system, freeing class consciousness from the sticky cords with which the capitalists still successfully guide the workers from one dead-end to another.