Who is really in charge? Businessman accused of tax evasion of 0.4 billion rubles gets off with a warning


The Pervomaisky District Court of Omsk has found the former general director of the NGO “Mostovik” – Oleg Shishov guilty of tax evasion on an especially large scale, the regional news agency Omsk Inform reports. The businessman did not pay 396,681,712 rubles to the budget.

The prosecution asked for 5 years in a general population colony, but the court punished the “deviationist” with two years probation and gave amnesty on the occasion of the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. As a punishment, the businessman cannot change his permanent place of residence for two whole years and appear at the registration marks.

Shishov has not paid taxes in just 10 months: from January 1 to October 31 in 2014. Simple calculations can determine that the director of a “research and production association” during this period “earned” more than three billion rubles. Taking into account the possibility of reducing the tax rate, the personal income of the businessman could be much higher. The very source of such a taxable amount was not subject to litigation. Everything is in accordance with the existing legislation.

This is not the first time that domestic business feels the state’s tender care for itself. No matter how large the embezzlement may be, “business people” are often punished for it only for the sake of formality, limited to suspended sentences. The amnesty “on the occasion of the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War” applies to these types of crimes, in contrast to the organization of protests. Do you recall how differently the court “assessed” violations of the law by Sergei Udaltsov and a close friend of the former Minister of Defense? Or what did the broken window in the United Russia office cost to the left-wing activist Azat Miftakhov?

Nothing else should be expected from government people in black suits who are always ready to lend a strong shoulder to their rich “overlords” who have been caught stealing. Everything is simple here: “He who has the power runs the ball!”