Urgent surgeries are being canceled due to coronavirus in Sverdlovsk hospitals


Killer streamlining

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in Yekaterinburg, city residents are facing a massive cancellation of planned and urgent surgeries. Surgical and therapeutic hospital departments in the city have been re-profiled to treat patients with coronavirus infection.

Residents of Yekaterinburg complain that they do not know where to get information about further actions and which medical center to go to next. Konstantin Shestakov, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health of the Sverdlovsk Region, was unable to comment in detail on the situation with the cancellation of surgeries, advising patients to seek information from their doctors.

The shortage of reception capacity in hospitals is caused not so much by the pandemic as by the health care system optimization in general, which came down to the hospitals’ shutdowns and the reduction of in-patient bed capacity by 1.7 times. As a result, since the pandemic began, the domestic health care system did not cope with a large number of patients. The authorities rushed to expand the number of beds in hospitals’ infectious departments at the expense of beds for other purposes, so many patients were deprived of necessary medical treatment.

The result of these measures was an increase in mortality in Russia, which reached 14.5 per mille in 2020, and may reach 15 per mille in 2021. Those figures of statistics mask hundreds of thousands of human deaths – people could live on if it were not for the desire of health care streamlining inspirers to save money. It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is blood on their hands.

But the authorities are keeping silent and dragging their feet to back down on the health care sector reforming, to correct the mistakes they have made. No speech given by any high official and politician, including the President, raised the issue of specific measures to improve the situation in the healthcare system. It was not indicated how much hospitals’ bed capacity will be in the coming years, how many new hospitals, polyclinics, maternity hospitals, and ambulance stations with modern equipment will be opened. And this means that the streamlining will go on forward, and deterioration in the healthcare sector will continue.