Two cases of stabbing in Russian schools


Banning knives?

Makhachkala schoolboy stabbed a peer with a knife, reports “Lenta”. In the police, he said that he was in a state of passion, and the instrument of the crime turned out to be with him by accident. In September of this year, a similar incident occurred in Moscow: a 15-year-old teenager stabbed his classmate three times with a knife. Fortunately, the life of the ninth grader was saved.

Officials from the Ministry of Education and Science of Dagestan called on the head of educational organizations, teachers and parents to provide them with psychological and pedagogical assistance.

The Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) has already opened a criminal case against the director of the Makhachkala school. The activities of the deputy director for educational work are being checked. A criminal case was initiated against the management of the private security company (“Providing those that do not meet the requirements for the safety of life or health of consumers”). The investigation will end, politics will speak out and … everyone will calm down until the next massacre.

Bloody tragedies in Russian educational institutions continue. And this, alas, is natural. After the events in Perm, Kazan, and Kerch, we wrote that the state’s efforts to resist violence are more like an imitation of violent activity. The main reason for the tragedy is the division of society into a “rightful” rich minority and a majority living on a “living wage”. And this reason does not want and, most importantly, cannot be eliminated by the current state of owners.

The general market broadcasts to us through politicians, advertisements, films and books, news, from screens and from the stage: “Live for today. The main thing is personal success. Go to him over the heads of others. The strongest survives”. And until the economic basis of this ideology “not fixed in the Constitution” is destroyed, the “bloody conveyor” will regularly give birth to new juveniles killers.

We express our condolences to the families and friends of the victims. And we repeat once again: only by destroying the economic basis of inequality can you get a chance to build a society in which it will not be scary to send your child to school or to the street.