Three Russian oligarchs are again in the list of the richest UK residents


The top 20 richest residents of Great Britain again included three Russian billionaires: Usmanov, Fridman and Abramovich. Their combined fortune is estimated at 32.07 billion pounds or 2.8 trillion rubles. For comparison, this is about 13.9% of the Russian budget revenue for 2019. According to press reports, Usmanov and Friedman are residents of the United Kingdom. However, the press service of Usmanov refutes this.

Vladimir Putin is awarding Alisher Usmanov
Vladimir Putin is awarding Alisher Usmanov

The updated list of the richest Britons was prepared by the Sunday Times. Alisher Usmanov’s fortune was estimated at 11.68 billion pounds, and this turned out to be the 7th in the list. Mikhail Fridman took the 11th place with 10.23 billion pounds, and Roman Abramovich took the 13th place with 10.16 billion pounds. As the press reported, the first two billionaires got rid of the status of tax residents of the Russian Federation. Only Abramovich had problems with the British crown, so he preferred to obtain Israeli citizenship.

Establishing state control over the business of Russian oligarchs would seriously increase the revenue side of the country’s budget and get rid of many social problems. Money would be found for education, healthcare, personal protective equipment, and salaries for ambulance doctors. In fact, even at the moment there could be enough money if it was distributed fairly. After all, the Russian state itself serves the oligarchs. In particular, it is very tolerant about the dual citizenship of many oligarchs and officials; it itself helps them replenish the budgets of Great Britain, the USA, Israel and other countries. Here it is – Russian patriotism.