The United States are inventing new ways of waging war


The United States continues to strengthen its military grouping in Europe. In the near future, two new units of the US Army will be formed, designed to defend against Russian aggression. On behalf of Russia, the response to the deployment of new formations was the holding of military exercises in the spring of 2021 in the south of the country.

To counter the Russian Army, NATO strategists create new formations – multi-domain task forces. The composition of such groups includes field artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, air defence and missile defence systems, as well as communications and reconnaissance groups. Multi-domain task forces are designed to break into defence-in-depth, saturated with air defence, missile defence, artillery and other types of weapons.

The severe economic crisis, aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic, naturally led to an exacerbation of the international situation. The United States and Europe need a significant amount of cheap energy resources that Russia and the Middle East can provide. However, it is not profitable for Russian businessmen to sell energy resources at low prices. They would sell cheaply because a small stratum of the rich is enough. But the fall in energy prices will lead to an even greater drop in the living standards of a significant part of the Russian population, which will cause massive discontent. That is why the Russian capitalists needed to disrupt the construction of a gas pipeline through Syria and, in addition, to solidify themselves in the Middle East in order to control the production and trade of Middle Eastern oil. The annexation of Crimea was necessary to ensure the supply of the group in Syria.

Now the imperialists of the United States and Europe are trying to force Russia to make concessions through military and sanctions pressure. Russian authorities are also responding with a mutual build-up of armaments and military contingents in strategic directions. The result of this is a constant increase in tension in the world, and the threat of war is growing.

If humanity had directed all their gigantic military spending to fight the coronavirus pandemic, then the epidemic would hardly have taken on such a severe and large-scale character. The current measures are half-hearted. The economies of the countries are slipping into the deepest crisis, which leads to a drop in the level of income of the population and an increase in public dissatisfaction with the policy pursued. To be convinced of this, it is enough to look at the massive discontent in Berlin, Madrid, Istanbul, Paris, May Day demonstrations. Once again, the world comes to a state of redistribution of the spheres of influence of large financiers from different countries.

Only a strong labour movement, the solidarity of which is accustomed to living only by its own labour, can resist this.