The State Duma refused to restore Soviet deposits

The State does not guarantee the restoration and protection of old Soviet savings of Russians. A bill proposing to convert deposits, that had been created before 20 June 1991, into debt obligations of the Russian Federation was defeated at first reading.

The compensation payments to the depositors of the USSR Sberbank have already been prescribed by the relevant legislation. But a guarantee of deposit recovery would require that at least 2.5% of the total debt owed to Russians is allocated annually from the budget.

The government had already extended the moratorium on compensation because of its reluctance to spend budgetary resources on payments to citizens. Now, at a time of crisis, they decided to waive those obligations.

Apparently, speaking of bourgeois Russia being the successor of the USSR, the authorities mean their right to appropriate and plunder the national heritage that has been created by the work of millions of Soviet people. But it’s not part of capitalists’ plan to take responsibility for the welfare of common people and share anything with them.

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