The Russian Orthodox Church is not opposed to an imperialist expansion of Russia at the expense of other nations


Anna Bogdanova, head of the sector of parochial schools of the department of religious education of the Yekaterinburg diocese, expressed the opinion that the task of the Russian state is to seize other peoples and territories of other countries, LENTA reports with reference to the URA.RU portal. For the clergy, the current task is to “spiritualize” the conquered lands with prayer.

The Yekaterinburg temple monument “On Blood in the Name of All Saints Who Shone in the Land of Russia”

“The task of the state is to annex the land to Russia. And the task of saints is to consecrate this land!” the site is quoted by an Orthodox official.

Just like that, in understandable language, they explained to us who has which functions. Some are at war, others are praying. Let’s see if any of the officials will see sedition in the words of an official who declares openly from the rostrum their ambitions of expanding the territories of Russia by capturing countries and peoples. Will this statement be called “private opinion”? But this “private opinion” was not born out of nowhere. Probably, this kind of conversation is being conducted among the “conductors of the will of God”, at least in the Yekaterinburg diocese.

To be honest, the words of an Orthodox lady quite fit into the current socio-economic system, which needs new resources and cheap labour. Our (and not our) “effective owners” are getting cramped within the existing boundaries. This is the main reason for wars. For the economic interests of the owners of the means of production, ordinary people die in various parts of the planet. Representatives of various “state” religions justify these wars with “godly” goals. Including this, there are “spiritual mentors” in the armies and grandiose temples are being built.

Pupils of the church cadet classes of the Yekaterinburg diocese

So Russian children in parish schools from an early age, hiding behind words about patriotism are investing in fragile minds the willingness to give their lives for the opportunity of our “Orthodox millionaires” to enrich themselves with the work of “infidels”.