The Russian Federative Council managed to once again protect the rich from recent tax hikes


Elena Perminova – deputy head of the budget committee of the Federation Council, opposed the idea of raising the tax on wealthy Russians, LENTA.RU reports. The government official explained her opinion by pointing out the difficult situation in the economy and the inexpediency of increasing pressure on business and citizens.

The proposal oversaw an increase in the personal income tax rate to 20% and 24% on incomes over 12 and 24 million rubles per year, respectively.
A return to the rate of 24% on income tax was made in the response of the Higher School of Economics to the draft federal budget for 2021 and
the planning period of 2022 and 2023 years.

Elena Alekseevna noted that the budget has already been drawn up, no changes will be made to the second reading and the flat taxation scale is being revised as it is. The Ministry of Finance confirmed that there are no plans to increase personal income tax and income tax.

Today, we commemorate that 103 years ago the working people in our country took political power into their own hands and began the difficult path of building a society where there is no exploitation of humans towards each other. Where a handful of wealthy owners of the means of production cannot appropriate the labor of many millions of workers. Where mankind is to one another – a friend, a comrade and brother. Where the proletariate state stands to protect the interests of the working people.

Unfortunately, for almost thirty years now, power in Russia has belonged to another class – the large bourgeoisie or big capital. Government officials are well aware of what types of citizens they should serve, which citizens they should protect from any “additional burden” and whose income should be protected for their own wellbeing. These, of course, are not those Russians who can hardly make ends meet,  who live on incomes below the subsistence level and are forced to work even after retirement.

History teaches us that the patience of the people is not unlimited. The growing gap between rich and poor will inevitably lead to increased activity of the disaffected masses. The working people must be ready to competently take advantage of the new chance to transform society.