The power structures acquired another church, and the officials received church awards


The Russian Orthodox Church thanks for the expansion of its possessions.

The Academy of the Federal Security Service sanctified the temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, RIA Novosti reports. The ceremony was performed personally by Patriarch Kirill. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church awarded high government officials involved in the construction with church orders and memorable gifts.

Patriarch Kirill with a censer

The construction of the temple has been carried out since 2007 with a break (2011-2017) due to lack of funding.

On the jacket of the Director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kochnev, the church order of the Blessed Prince Daniel of Moscow, I degree, will now proudly shine. Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky became a Knight of the Order of Andrei Rublev II degree. And State Duma deputy, curator of the program for the construction of Orthodox churches in the capital, Vladimir Resin, will be able to cross himself at the memorial icon with the patriarchal blessing. He became an order bearer of the Blessed Prince Daniel of Moscow, I degree back in 2005.

Since 2019, the temple has hosted the icon of “the patron saint of the army, defenders and fighters, who faithfully serve their land and state” Michael the Archangel. It was his name that was borne by the monarchist “Black Hundred” organization “Russian People’s Union”, which “promoted” nationalism and anti-Semitism among the people.

Church and state have merged tightly in their arms. Secular officials and especially successful businessmen in every possible way support and finance the expansion of the possessions of churchmen, and the leadership of the Russian orthodox church (ROC), in turn, stands for the preservation of the power of its sponsors. Well, with a generous hand, it distributes its beautiful medals to the “outstanding distributors of spirituality”. Fortunately, there are plenty of funds for this: believers tirelessly carry their donations to “charitable deeds.”

Meanwhile, the construction of temples is progressing at a pace that allows churchmen to look to the future with optimism. Of course exactly in their future. Already, the number of facilities where believers can satisfy their spiritual needs has exceeded the number of educational institutions where children can receive secondary education. This means that the number of semi-literate parishioners will grow. Great!

Graph of changes in the number of schools, churches, hospitals and clinics in Russia (blue line – the number of schools, red – temples)

And then, after the next prayer service to some schoolchild, “Archangel Michael” will appear again in a dream and whisper how to teach a boring classmate a lesson with the help of his father’s carbine.