The population of Russia is expected to increase due to a growth of number of “high-quality” foreigners


Banking account figures define quality

The Minister of Economy of the Russian Federation Maksim Reshetnikov spoke about the Government’s approval of the draft amendments to the law on the legal status of foreign citizens, RBC reports. Now it will be possible to obtain a residence permit, moving past the stage of temporary residence. To do this it will be necessary to buy a real estate asset in Russia worth at least 30 million rubles or invest more than 15 million rubles in the stock capital of a Russian company. The explanatory note to the bill says that this will ensure “stable migration growth of the population with an emphasis on high-quality human capital.”

Relatives of foreign “investors”: wives, children, grandchildren, and parents of spouses will also be able to use the simplified scheme for obtaining a residence permit.

In general, a residence permit can be issued to a foreigner who has lived in Russia for at least a year under a temporary residence permit. The residence permit provides an opportunity to freely travel across Russia, enter or leave the country, and use some social services. The status is indefinite but requires an annual confirmation.

M. Reshetnikov hopes for the approval of the law in the State Duma this fall. The start of the “simplified system” is planned for the summer of 2022.

It should be recalled that in 2020 alone, the population of the Russian Federation decreased by 510.5 thousand people. Will rich foreigners somehow reverse this trend, ensure “stable migration population growth”? It has not yet been noticed that an increase in the wealth of individuals has any positive effect on the growth of the population of an entire country. And Russian citizenship has not yet been in great demand among wealthy foreign businessmen. Quite the opposite: our “most successful” businessmen are happy to get passports and acquire citizenship of Great Britain, the USA, Cyprus, Israel, Malta, etc.

There has been nothing reported about some kind of “well-off” understaffed segment of the population in Russia who can afford real estate property for as much as 30 million rubles. We might have heard about personnel shortage in the agricultural sector and construction industry, but we have no idea about the rich men shortage. We have got more fat cats in Russia than we know what to do with.

It is clear that current authorities determine the quality of an individual only by his banking account figures. After all, the owners of Russia are wealthy men themselves. They already know a lot about “the quality of human capital”. Anyway, they see anyone who does not have a few million-dollar fortune as an alcoholic, lowlife, or a bum. Such people should not even have the right to hold single pickets. And poor migrants are needed only as even cheaper manpower than the Russians themselves are.

From the point of view of the means of production owners that “low-quality human capital” should be taken back to Tajikistan / Ukraine / Moldova / Uzbekistan after its use. They are not worthy to live in the houses they built, to be treated in the hospitals they repaired, to have their children taught in the schools they renovated. And the only reason for this is that they have “not enough money.”

There is no doubt: Maksim Reshetnikov and his colleagues will very soon be convinced that they have not been able to “ensure a stable migration growth of the population” by the massive import of foreigners with excellent qualities of “MorgensternBonyaSobchak Efremov” and other “UsmanovSechin”.