The number of unemployed reached 9 million in Russia


At the end of the second quarter of 2020, the number of formally employed Russians who found themselves out of work exceeded the number of those at the labour exchange, the agency Nakanune.RU reports.

The experts noted that the first category includes workers with the following forms of part-time employment: unpaid leave, downtime, part-time work. Without taking into account those employed in small business, the number of such workers amounted to about 4.6 million people, which exceeds the statistics for the officially registered unemployed at the labour exchange – 4.47 million people. Thus, there are more than 9 million unemployed in the country.

The information does not contradict the forecast announced in April by the head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin. True, he spoke about the end of the year, and already now the forecast has been exceeded by a million people.

According to information coming from regions, the analytics is really not far from reality. However, the reality may be even worse.

The first thing a capitalist does during a crisis is to cut costs by shifting his problems onto the shoulders of the workers. People are left without a livelihood.

Despite the fact that President Putin claims that unemployment is one of the main problems, in fact, nothing is done about it and this is not surprising –
not profitable. We would like to remind you that the current situation is far from new, all this has already happened.

Time and experience confirm, economic recessions an the inevitable companion of capitalism. It means that it will only get worse if you continue to let everything “take its own course”, at the mercy of someone else.

Our goal is to unite and fight for our rights!