The Moscow government bodies are headquartering in the deluxe apartments of the Federation Tower


Public servants prefer to spend time in comfort

Central Fuel Company JSC (CFC), controlled by the Moscow City Property Department, acquired 1.6 thousand sq. m of premises with panoramic views of the Moscow skyline, located on the 93rd and 94th floors of the Federation Tower, RBC reports. The purchase amount was 1.3 billion rubles including VAT. Apartments located above the 90th floor of this building are marketed as “platinum”.

The Moscow government already owns 55 thousand square meters of office area in the “Oko” high-rise building in Moscow City, purchased from Capital Group in 2016. Today they are occupied by the departments of city property, transport, trade and services, and other institutions.

“There is a deficiency of high-quality view VIP-office areas in Moscow City for now, and there is definitely a market there; I think those suites are going to be used just as an office, ”said Andrey Soloviev, CEO of the city real estate department at Knight Frank.

The website of  Asset Development JSC, which directly owns and manages JSC CFC, indicates that this is a company subordinate to City Property Department (CPD), and the purpose of its activities is “to fulfill tasks for the efficient use of the property for the implementation of urban tasks, to meet public needs and increase the commercial appeal of the real estate asset.” … The company is engaged in the management, sale, lease, development of commercial and residential real estate in Moscow.

JSC CFC (with an authorized capital of 10 599 845 313 rubles and an average number of employees of 8 people) is engaged in 11 types of activities:

  • issuing loans and credits;
  • public relations;
  • consulting on business and management issues;
  • vehicle parking;
  • buying and selling real estate assets, etc.

The “fuel company” is not in the fuel business, to begin with. Moscow buys the assets the city needs with the help of that company and its subsidiaries:

  • 2012 – Moskovia TV channel;
  • 2019 – the former building of the Ministry of Economic Development on Triumfalnaya Square (the building houses the Moscow Department of Architecture and Urban Planning);
  • 2020 – the manufacturer of medical masks KIT LLC.

The luxurious apartments the Moscow mayor’s office employees are going to work in are likely to become a piece of evidence of their effective hard work.

Public servants like being comfortable at a workplace. Just think about it: how can anybody properly manage “the use of the property for the implementation of urban tasks and the satisfaction of public needs” in an office having no panoramic view and 5-meter ceiling height?

The working people of Moscow (and all of Russia), who often work under hardship conditions, were probably very happy for the Moscow officials. After all, we, following the ideology of good citizenship, should experience a “feeling of profound satisfaction” having heard such “positive” news. If somewhere else there are some chosen ones, close to the feeding hand, have become more comfortable, that only means that the lives of millions of ordinary people in all parts of our vast homeland are getting better.

While power is in the hands of a bunch of parasites who own the capital equipment, ordinary people, as opposed to wealthy businessmen of all stripes, have nothing to hope for a significant improvement in their working conditions. And after hard work in a subway, at a machine tool, at school or hospital, or at a construction site, people come back to their 11-meter rooms. Because they build “platinum apartments” not for themselves.