The mayor’s office explained why Moscow had advantages over the regions during the pandemic


Deputy Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova explained that Moscow’s advantages over the regions in purchasing medicines and personal protective equipment at the beginning of the pandemic were caused by the high level of concern for the health of Moscow citizens, TASS reports.

Anastasia Rakova

This explanation followed a journalist’s question about the dissatisfaction of some regions due to the capital’s intensive purchase of medicine and personal protective equipment in March-April 2020.

“Sobyanin raised the alarm regarding personal protective equipment in January. In January, he spent a huge amount of time with me, with [Vladimir] Efimov [the deputy mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations] to provide doctors with these PPE” – Rakova replied.

However, all the heroism of the officials comes to naught if we remember that earlier they had pursued a policy of destroying Moscow industry for years. First, the “remnants” were taken out of the capital, and then, with the aim of “taking care of Moscow citizens”, they bought up regional factories.

The indignation of the regions is quite understandable: at their expense, Moscow officials increase their ratings. Their formulaic window dressing does not negate the problems in Russian health care system, which the pandemic has starkly underlined.

Much of what the authorities present today as effective and timely actions do not apply to those. The global problem cannot be solved by means of targeted measures – these are patches in the bottom of the ship, which sooner or later will go down.