The hypocrisy of democracy – Ukrainian pensioner sentenced to five years in prison for depicting hammer and sickle


The district court of the Kherson region of Ukraine found a retired pensioner guilty of promoting communist ideas and sentenced
her to five years in prison, Focus news agency reports.

The legendary “Motherland” sculpture in Ukraine. Notice the symbology.

The court examined the circumstances of the case, which indicated that during the period from 2016 to 2018, the elderly lady repeatedly posted photos and videos containing communist symbology on her page in the Russian Odnoklassniki social network.

The punishment was appointed with a replacement for a probationary council work period of one year. It is interesting to note that, according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the actions of the pensioner were equated with the taking of hostages, child switching (at birth), and human trafficking.

The situation looks totally absurd. In a country, the flag of which contained a hammer and sickle thirty years ago, today you can go to jail or lose your life and livelihood for the same symbol.

Note that all this rabid anti-communism: the demolition of monuments to Lenin and criminal punishment for Soviet symbols – did not begin in fraternal Ukraine overnight. The bourgeoisie systematically built up its work and propagated its ideology year after year – the result is obvious.

However, Russia is no different – the shameful drapery of Lenin’s mausoleum on Victory Day, the propaganda of the false GULAG museum,
the construction of another Yeltsin Center is very similar to these steps.

For Russians, this is a strong wake-up call.