The Head of the Russian Orthodox Church encouraged priests to support only the church manufacturer


Church revenue comes first

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill urged priests to purchase candles for church service only from the art-production company of the Russian Orthodox Church “Sofrino”. He said as much at the annual meeting of the Moscow eparchy, streamed on the official YouTube channel of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“Sofrino” is currently the main manufacturer of church ware and cult utensils in the Russian Federation, which has recently been engaged in certification of all church utensils produced in the country. The Patriarch considers his support to be the most important thing for the clergy.


“I urge you, brothers, to give up on buying “ knockoff” candles <…> Not all the range of candles sold in church shops is covered by the production of “Sofrino” <…> If you’re going to sell some specific sorts of candles through the parishes, it is quite alright if “Sofrino” does not produce those. But if it does, your duty is to buy Sofrino candles, – said the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Whether Patriarch Kirill cared about the souls of Russians, calling upon his subordinates not to let the church income go downhill, at this point that’s a rhetorical question. We have repeatedly written about the business activities of the country’s main religious organization, so we don’t have to seem so shocked at such an extraordinary task set by the Patriarch before the clergy.

The Russian Orthodox Church has become as much an oligarch as the leaders of the Russian Forbes rating. And so that to curtail the clergymen’s ambitions “ideas trading” itself is no longer enough.