The half-naked son of a local United Russia deputy hit pedestrians at the crossing


In Astrakhan, the son of a former deputy of the local parliament hit two citizens at a pedestrian crossing. According to the “Baza” Telegram channel, the young man was half-naked and behaved “inappropriately”.

Photo of a crashed Toyota Camry driven by Artyom Levanov

Two – a man and a woman – were crossing a road at a pedestrian crossing when they were hit by a black Toyota Camry. Both victims were taken to the hospital, as well as the driver of the car that Toyota crashed into. The car that caused the accident is registered in the name of the son of the local Duma former deputy from United Russia, Artem Levanov.

The unfortunate driver sat behind the wheel almost naked and “behaved inadequately”. After the accident, the deputy’s son tried to assault a police officer, so he was handcuffed. The victims – a military prosecutor and his wife – both are in the hospital with severe injuries and fractures.

Deputy’s son Artyom Levanov during detention

The father of the rich young man was the deputy of the 5th convocation of the Astrakhan Regional Duma Vasily Levanov. In 2016 he was appointed director of LLC Construction Management Company Stroykompleks. He owned an apartment of 327 sq m and a land plot of 2,562 sq m. He owned four cars: Lexus LX470 , Lexus LX570, GAZ-3110 and ZIL-4502.

Vasily Levanov, deputy of the 5th convocation of the Astrakhan Regional Duma from the United Russia faction

Once again, the “servants of the people” prove that everything is possible for them and their family members. This is not the first time that an official’s son in an expensive car douches passers-by at the intersection for the sake of likes in social networks or races along the streets blocked for the Victory Parade.

It’s a question of power, unlimited and taken as granted. Officials’ family members know that nothing will happen to them, because what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the bull. But not for every bull there is a saving bullfighter – every “Jupiter” endowed with conditionally unlimited power will sooner or later have to pay.