The governor of the Sverdlovsk region admitted the mistakes of optimization of healthcare


In his report to the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region, Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev recognized failures of the optimization of Sverdlovsk medicine. As a result of the optimization, there was an outflow of specialists and many patients could not receive help during the peak of the pandemic. At the same time, the governor said that due to the optimization, the health care of the subject entered a modern technical base. The governor said that it is necessary to work on the mistakes, and the health development program should focus on the availability and quality of medical services.

According to the Office of the Federal State Statistics Service for the Sverdlovsk and Kurgan regions, over the 19 years 75 out of 228 hospitals were liquidated and 280 out of 842 paramedic and accoucheur points were closed.

Although the authorities have begun to cautiously admit optimization errors, they do not say what the work on the errors will consist of. Obviously, it’s necessary to eliminate those errors by restoring closed hospitals, increasing the number of hospital beds and raising the number of doctors and nurses. All these indicators must be brought at least to the level of the previous optimization and even surpass it in the future. And the authorities should announce these specific measures as well as the planned indicators and the timetable for achieving them. But no official seems to be willing to make such reports. They just keep talking about “improvement and development” and the like.

It cannot be otherwise. The authorities are not going to cancel the optimization of healthcare, even verbally admitting its failure. The destruction of health-care system was conceived to save money and commercialize the system, not to actually improve it. The pandemic revealed the disastrous consequences of the notorious reform for the working people. But no one plans to cancel it. That is why bureaucrats play around, admit shortcomings, promise improvements. Without concrete indicators, all such statements are idle chatter designed to confuse the working people.

A radical improvement in affairs is possible only if the workers themselves change the state of affairs in health care – for this it is necessary to fight for the strengthening of workers’ organizations.