The government promises to significantly reduce unemployment


“LENTA.RU” reports that the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov announced plans to reduce unemployment by 1.3 million people in one year. However, the official did not explain how the government is going to fulfill this task.

Andrey Belousov

“The president has set us a tough directive, you know, to reduce unemployment, well, by 1.3 million per year,” said Andrei Removich.

According to experts of the consulting company FinExpertiza, the official data on unemployment in Russia (4.47 million people in the second quarter of 2020) is greatly underestimated. According to analysts, another 4.87 million people were not included in the statistics.

High-ranking officials have repeatedly announced various ambitious plans, including the list of goals set out in the concept of long-term socio-economic development (“Strategy 2020”). The results of their implementation can be found in the video made by the economist, Candidate of Sciences and member of the ROT FRONT party Oleg Komolov.

Workers should not be optimistic about these strategies of the ruling power. In 2012, V. Putin already announced his plans to create “25 million new high-tech jobs” by 2020. The result is obvious: eight years ago, the unemployment rate in Russia was 5.2%, today it is 6.3%.

But it is action that makes a real difference, not words, and actions show that the Russian authorities are not very interested in solving problems of ordinary people. For officials, the interests of big business have always been and will remain at the forefront.

It is absolutely not profitable for the bourgeoisie to reduce competition in the labor market. On the contrary, high unemployment makes it possible to increase the profits for the owners of the means of production by minimizing the cost of wages to employees.

This means that the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Belousov will most likely remain just words.