The Government estimates that a Russian will be able to live on 11,950 rubles in 2022


That has yet to spark mass public protests

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a government decree setting per capita subsistence level in 2022 at 11,950 rubles, Kommersant reports. According to the decree, individuals who are capable of working will need 1,076 rubles more. From the information of the FinExpertiza agency, more than 13 million Russians were struggling to survive with incomes of less than 10 thousand rubles per month.

This year, the figure is 12 702 rubles for the working-age individuals and 11 653 rubles per capita. The subsistence minimum level for children is going to be 11,592 rubles in 2022, which is 289 rubles more than it is this year. For pensioners, it will grow by 255 rubles – up to 10,277 rubles.

FinExpertiza informs: In 2020, in the Altai Region, more than 378 thousand people (16.4% of the region’s population) had an average monthly income below 10 thousand rubles. In the Republic of Tyva, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu’s homeland, there were 94.1 thousand people with such an income, that is 28.6% of the republic’s population. And in the Ministry of Defense itself, medical workers and other specialists are enticed away from other jobs these days by salaries of 12,792 rubles.

Now the federal minimum needs of subsistence and the minimum wage level are calculated without reference to the consumer goods basket. They are set based on the median income and salary. From this we can conclude: the more regions in Russia like Altai and Tuva, the lower the cost of living in the country will be.

Almost one out of ten Russians live on minimum wage paycheck below the subsistence level. But, given the current climate of society, most people are outraged by calls for vaccinations than by the fact of millions of working people’s impoverishment. So far, we have not seen really massive protests of workers against their slave wages. They are not very scared by the rise in prices for food, gas, and clothes. The anger of the people is not heard over the inability of the domestic industry to increase the production of vaccines. Much more terrifying than that is of course the way of involuntary protection from a fatal and contagious disease.

Unfortunately, the class consciousness of the overwhelming majority of hired men is asleep. This means that the Government will preserve armies of millions of the poor, hiding behind penny raises in the minimum living wages.