The government decided what professions are not necessary to be entered into


The life of ordinary citizens will become even more dangerous.

According to the draft order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, starting next year, skills of 43 specialties will not be taught in technical schools and colleges. Among others, such professions as an assistant nurse and a mechanic for the operation and repair of gas equipment are going to stop existing. Only in this year 25 gas explosions occurred in Russia. Hospitals are full of patients in need of constant nursing.

The stated goal of the “reform” is to bring the structure of secondary vocational education in line with the realities of the labor market.

This year alone, 25 cases of domestic gas explosions happened in Russia. And the hospitals are practically overcrowded with patients requiring constant care. People are being crippled and killed. But the “labor market” decided that it was not necessary to teach ordinary gas workers. Will the top managers of gas companies personally monitor the health of the equipment? A rhetorical question. This means that the quality of such monitoring will be low. And if an accident will happen – only one low-qualified worker will be held responsible for the death of people.

Hospital wards are overcrowded with patients. Even the head of state noticed the shortage of medical personnel. But officials, instead of introducing additional places in educational institutions and requirements to improve the professional level of junior nurses, decide not to teach them at all.

This means that the life of ordinary citizens will become even more dangerous. The shortage of personnel in the gas service and hospitals will affect primarily poor Russians. No one doubts that there will be enough competent gas workers and caring and skillful doctors for the owners of thick wallets.