The Federal Space Agency sets out to deal in alcohol and something else


New area of space research

The slogan “Technologies tested by space” now belongs to Roscosmos as a trademark, reports LENTA. This will enhance the reach of activities of the state corporation. From now on the company, founded to focus efforts on the space industry development, will be dealing with, among other things,  alcohol, cosmetics, household chemical goods, medication, electrical appliances, underwear, games, and a variety of other products.

Collage of the satirical edition “Panorama” / Author Efim Anonymous

The phrase “Technologies tested by space” will convey to consumers the idea of unique technologies and materials that have been tested in outer space and have become available in everyday life. Earlier on it was reported about Roscosmos’ plans to stake out a claim for Yury Gagarin’s historic words “Let’s go!”

In 2020, 17 spacecraft were launched in Russia, and that is two times lower than a planned number. China launched 39 spacecraft and the USA had 44 launches last year.

On April 12, Dmitry Rogozin delivered a speech on the occasion of the Cosmonautics Day in front of the space industry workers: “Russia is not only celebrating the anniversary (of Yuri Gagarin’s flight) and remembering the past, we are also focused on the future, we are on the verge of  a significant change in our industry.”

And here is the “significant change” we’ve all been waiting for.

The space industry is going through hard times, to put it mildly. The industrial plants continue to fall prey to the market economy. The empty workshops are put up for sale. The air crashes of recent years, space system malfunctions in orbit and grand thefts on the ground have dealt a heavy blow to the public image of Russian aeronautics. Budget funding is being cut. In addition to this, OneWeb, one of the main partners of Roscosmos, went bankrupt, which led to a reduction in commercial launches in 2020.
So the management of the State corporation has to look for new sources of income. And retail trade has already been tested by Russian Post and the Russian Orthodox Church.

The scale of the task to be solved might well entail the need to establish a new retail department in the Roscosmos organization chart with such units as liquor drinks, groceries, footwear, bathroom supplies and small wares.

Russia is getting more and more left behind by the leaders in the field of high technologies. And with such “new direction” of the Federal Space Agency activities, chances to successfully carry out the new lunar program and put a man on Mars are slim to none.