The deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation proposed to introduce price regulation in Russia as in the USSR


Vera Ganzia, a State Duma deputy from the Communist Party and a member of the Committee on Budget and Taxes, proposed introducing price regulation for food and essential goods, like in the Soviet Union. Thus, she wants to “change the economic model”. Businessmen, in her opinion, should “curb their appetites” themselves.

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Communist Party V.A. Ganzya

“To the regulation of prices, when in Soviet times prices did not grow, but decreased – this is exactly what we need to return to. This is not the worst example”, the deputy said on the air of the radio “Moscow speaking”.

Of course, it is necessary to fight against rising prices. But it is also necessary to “soberly” look at things.

Vera Anatolyevna does not offer specific possible mechanisms for adjusting prices “in the Soviet way” in modern Russia with its market economy. Because she has nothing to offer –  the economies of modern Russia and the USSR are fundamentally different. Because the means of production are now in private hands, and the sole purpose of the owners of factories, newspapers and ships is to increase their capital. The use of the mechanisms of a planned economy is today possible, but with the same purpose – to extract the maximum profit. You can’t cross a snake with a hedgehog. By what words or actions is the deputy going to convince businessmen to give up their dream of becoming as rich as possible?

Even temporary “freezes” of prices for certain goods provoke fierce resistance from “business people” and officials representing their interests. There is no need to talk about the planned price reduction. For this to happen, the state must constantly subsidize producers from the treasury, compensating them for “costs” – lost profits. But this will be done by cutting spending on social budget items. It is not yet known what is worse for workers.

Perhaps, instead of empty statements, the communist should reread at least the “Manifesto of the Communist Party”? It would be much more beneficial for her.