The collapse of the Novosibirsk healthcare system

On October 14, the Novosibirsk mass media posted a text from the Minister of Health of the Novosibirsk Oblast (NSO) – K. Khalzov, about the “covid” ambulance teams. The headlines of the messages contain an “unprecedented” number of infectious disease brigades, which is now in the regional center.

Minister of Health of the Novosibirsk Oblast (NSO) – K. Khalzov

If during the spring there were 27 brigades on duty, now there are 35… Consider that this is for a city with a population of more than 1.6 million people. It is not clear who should be struck by the emphasis on “unprecedentedness”? That is, eight vehicles were added, including, equipment, plus drivers, paramedics. In terms of people, probably in general, there are now 50 people. 

And what is “unprecedented” here? What is the result? The waiting time for the “covid” brigade in Novosibirsk was 40 hours – this was reported earlier by Sergei Komlev, the paramedic of the joint venture and chairman of the Novosibirsk organization of the trade union of medical workers “Action”.

The question arises, why are such measures applied only now? Why was there no thorough preparation during the “first wave” or why were additional teams not prepared in advance? Who made the forecast for the fall? Who identified possible needs? Maybe all the time and energy spent on organizing a funny vote on amendments to the constitution, and then engaged in ensuring the “unconditional” victory of the candidates from “United Russia” in the elections on September 13?

It is clear that the “unprecedented” eight brigades do not save the situation in any way. Especially in the conditions of a rapid increase in the number of patients. Obviously, we should talk about completely different scales of solving the problem.




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