Sugar and sunflower oil deficit begins in Russia


What’s next?

Retail chains note that there are sugar and sunflower oil disruption supply at fixed prices. Uncertain supply of sugar and oil took place as far back as February. Even then, manufacturers started to sell limited shipments at fixed prices.

Also, earlier in March, it was reported that a shortage of chicken in Russia was caused by a decrease in the supply of hatching eggs from the Netherlands.

It has long been known that the strictness of laws and regulations in Russia is compensated by the non-binding nature of their implementation. Of course, this formula is valid not only for Russia, but also for other capitalist countries, and mainly concerns cases when “tough” decrees and other legislation infringe on major business interests. Disapproval of the general public of the rise in prices is forcing the authorities to take at least some measures to curb prices. At the same time, the business has a much greater influence on the government. Therefore, on the one hand, the authorities enact formidable regulations, and on the other, they turn a blind eye to their violation, so that all such measures are initially half-hearted.

Business is putting strong pressure on the authorities in several ways. First, through parliament and by submitting various documents to the Government and the President. Secondly, by actions in the market, both coordinated (cartel agreements) and spontaneous (in this case, price restrictions lead to the fact that manufacturers start to either withhold the goods or export them abroad).

Workers can really make a difference. If the working class puts more pressure on business and the authorities, they will be forced to take more effective measures to control prices in the market, food supplies, and restrict exports from the country. The means of such pressure can be strikes, mass protests, civil disobedience acts. But for these actions to be successful, activities should be well organized, coordinated locally and across the country. That is why the working people must organize, create their own class trade unions, study the theory and practice of struggle.