Striking rotation workers of the Volgograd “Aquatic” won


Solidarity struggle is the way to comfortable working environment

Workers of “Aquatic” LLC involved in the construction of biological wastewater treatment facilities in Golodny Island, refused to work without personal protective gear and winter work clothes since December 16. Also, the workers demanded the indexation of wages and payments twice a month, as stated in the actual terms of their contracts. As reported by “Caucasian Knot” and “Vysota” News Agencies, after a short strike, the employer has met almost all the workers’ demands by December 24.

Construction of an underwater collector across the Volga. Golodny Island 03/31/2017

The point is that the Volgograd Administration awarded the contract for the construction of treatment facilities in Golodny Island to “Aquatic” LLC, the mayor’s office informs about the contract on November 8 on its website. Urban wastewater from almost all of Volgograd will be brought to Golodny Island. The facility is being built as part of the regional project “Preservation and prevention of pollution of the Volga River in the Volgograd region” within the national project “Ecology”.

An appeal to the prosecutor’s office produced results: the regional department and the regional State Labor Inspectorate carried out an inspection and found violations of the labor legislation of “Aquatic” LLC. Thus, in October and November, workers did not get paid bonuses, employees were not provided with winter work clothes, “no order was observed in the procedure for recording the issuance of personal protective equipment (PPE).” The agency initiated holding the employer liable under Part 6 of Article 5.27 and Part 1.4 of Article 5.27.1 of the Administrative Code of Russia.


Workers of “Aquatic” LLC. Golodny Island.

According to the agency officials, the workers have already been given work clothes and PPE kits by the employer.


A company employee, Dmitry Zhitnikov, presented the situation to “Caucasian Knot”: “A day after we had the interview at the prosecutor’s office, they brought uniforms for 16 people who signed the requirements, and the day before yesterday – for everyone else,” Zhitnikov said. – The workers of our shift are now fully equipped, and the next shift is equipped too. They brought overalls, boots, gloves. We’ve got clothes and gear but haven’t gotten paid yet. They promised to pay by December 25. It turned out there is no hardship pay accrued – for hazard, open area work. There is no hazard pay, especially benefits for welders which are entitled to.”

Once again, the solidarity of the workers led to victory. Not only industrial workers but even the intellectual class are seeking respect for their rights. Look at how quickly the teachers of the Moscow Linguistic School got all the money they had to, the workers of the Lyubertsy ATV manufacturer “TRECOL” won a few cases, and the St. Petersburg bus driver who was wrongfully fired won the lawsuit against the State Unitary Enterprise Passazhiravtotrans with the help of “Defence” Trade union and was reinstated to a previous position.


“Aquatic” LLC specialty vehicles . Golodny Island.

“Only struggle what gives rights” is not just a slogan. These words are written in blood all through the history of the labor movement around the world. In the same way, as we are now, workers in Brazil, France, Finland, the USA, China, Great Britain, Mauritania, Poland, India, the Philippines, and Australia are fighting for decent working conditions. No one should be alone with their problems. If you, the reader, are faced with a violation of your rights, humiliation of human dignity, do not hesitate to discuss it with your colleagues, and contact workers’ organizations.