State expenditures for science continues to decline


“” reports that according to a study by the Higher School of Economics spending on science in Russia has decreased over the period from 2010 to 2019.

“No science – no country”

The study showed that compared to 1.13% in 2010, in 2019 they began to spend on science by 0.1% less – 1.03% of the gross domestic product. Among other things, the budgetary expenditures on research and development work and the number of employed scientific personnel have been reduced.

In terms of efficiency, Russian science cannot claim outstanding results: only 0.9% of patents registered in the world are Russian.

For comparison, until 1991 the Soviet Union was one of the world leaders in registration of inventions, which were not only registered, but also actively introduced.

The decline in patent activity is just the tip of the iceberg. Any modern invention requires time-consuming research, equipment and personnel. The decrease in the number of applications indirectly reflects the degradation of the scientific sphere as a whole. And the salary of scientists from 18 to 40 thousand rubles only makes things worse.

Stagnation continues, and science continues to degrade on the periphery of state interests. For the country that first sent a man into space, this is a disaster.