Some students in the United States wouldn’t mind being slave owners


The fruits of economic disparity

Students at Park Hill South High School in Missouri started a petition demanding the reinstatement of slavery, RIA Novosti reported, citing The Kansas City Star. Several school officials and parents are outraged and demanding that petitioners be punished. But it is unlikely that those who signed this appeal will radically change their viewpoint even they are publicly flogged.

Park Hill South Principal Kerrie Herren considers racism unacceptable, and the official representative of the school district, without giving any details of the incident, said:

“However, I can assure you that we have provided an adequate response and we don’t tolerate discrimination or harassment.”

You might argue that this incident occurred in the distant United States. But such views have become very common in Russia as the restoration of a society divided into the owners of the production means and those who sell their labor for the sake of physical survival.

Statements like these are now routinely mentioned in communications said by some members of the Russian “high society” about the inferiority of low-income people. Russians who are “rolling in dough” treat those driven into poverty with outright contempt. There has been a lot of talk about how “well slaves used to live under the serfdom law.” The popular myth is that the people of the Caucasus have a certain “national peculiarity” like laziness and a “genetic predisposition to crime,” and the inhabitants of Central Asia are suitable exclusively for unskilled physical labor. There is not so much time left before the growing widespread calls for the revival of serfdom will take place.

Russian slaves of today

More than a century and a half have passed since the official abolition of slavery in the United States. However, the ideas of the superiority of some people over others still live on. It is not that so important what forms they are manifested in: slavery, segregation, apartheid, or Nazism. It is important that some people sincerely consider themselves superior to others. And even though slavery is not developed through legislation, it continues to be used practically all over the world, as Oleg Komolov, a member of the Labor Front, spoke about in his video on the “Prime Numbers” channel.

It is hard to imagine what Soviet students would have done with a petition  demanding the reinstatement of serfdom law. But it is possible to admit the possibility of the idea among the graduates of Russian private schools to support the legalization of human trafficking. Economic disparity is doing its dirty work.