Small and medium-sized businesses suffer from a shortage of foreign workers


“TASS” is reporting that Alexander Kalinin, the head of the All-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses “Support of Russia”, proposed to lift restrictions on employment of foreign workers at an international construction conference held on April 9 in Saransk. He recalled that by the decision of the operational headquarters only large companies are allowed to attract foreign specialists in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in 2020.

The largest representative of small business called this measure “discriminatory” and complained:

«There are appeals from the Far East, from the Volga region, that citizens of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan would like to come to them, but this new law does not allow doing this».

We understand that “foreign specialists” do not mean highly qualified workers in narrow fields of science or production, but ordinary workers from neighboring countries. In search of a livelihood, they are forced to leave their native places for other countries. The devastation and degradation that came to the countries of the former USSR with the advent of market relations are driving people thousands of kilometers away from their families in order to earn money for food, clothing and education. And the falling living standards in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and other fragments of the Soviet Union, as well as the possibility of obtaining maximum profit from labor migrants, make the citizens of these countries the most demanded by businessmen of all levels of “success”.

But the conditions in which immigrant workers have to live force them to take the most decisive (sometimes radical) steps in the struggle for their rights to a dignified life. It is those who are called the derogatory word “guest workers” who often set an example for the “local” workers in uniting and collective action. This experience should be taken into account, analyzed and, as far as possible, used by all employees.