Shoigu’s advisor published a manifesto on the abolition of “Western democracy” and the transition to monarchy


“An idea whose time has come”

The future, in which the civilized world will plunge into chaos, the chance for the revival of Russia will be “a people’s empire based on the principle of monarchy”. Andrei Ilnitsky, adviser to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, described it in the Parliamentary Gazette. As the epigraph of his appeal, the Acting State Councilor of the 3rd class chose the statement of Victor Hugo “There is a thing stronger than all armies in the world – this is an idea whose time has come.” About the new manifesto of the right-wing conservatives of the modern era – in the material.

Andrey Ilnitsky has been an Advisor to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation since 2015

Ilnitsky believes that the inevitable crisis that will come in 2022-2025 will create new rules and a special world order. Successful preconditions may become “a chance for the revival of Russia as one of the world leaders.

We proceed from the premise that Mr. Ilnitsky, like any PR manager, fulfilled the will of the customer, and, therefore, the ideas and positions outlined in the article are shared by an interested group in the power that has already formulated the idea of ​​the wanted state model.

“The “Russia of the Future” model is a people’s empire based on the principle of “absolute monarchy” – not in the sense of restoring the monarchy, but in the sense of true democracy, where we, the Russians, led by a strong state leader (a sovereign), keep ourselves through a strong local self-government, as, for example, was the zemstvo at the end of the 19th century ”, – indicated in the material.

This interested group also has an “external enemy” that poses a threat to the “Russian idea”. In recent years, an allegedly friendly China has been more frequently appearing among such “enemies”.

“In the event of the realization of the worst, “inertial-catching-up” scenario, the country will lose its integrity, the population of Russia may decrease by several tens of millions. Only “service people” will remain, who work “for food” and keep the “Pipeline” working, which is used to send natural resources to the West and China”, reads the text of the manifesto.

From the telegram channel ROT FRONT: “With sophisticated imperial symbols and the name – such a cover of the passport has been demonstrated to the society by the Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu voting on the elections”.

At the same time, according to the official, “the West relied on the fifth column” here unleashed a mental war against Russia, the purpose of which is to “reset” the worldview and the goals of Russians (especially young people) to deprive us of a sovereign future”.

The Big Project, which will become Russia’s chance for revival, should include “a transition to a mobilization economy and partial closure from a disintegrating global world.” In such a model, the state “takes control of the country’s economic, informational and geographic space” and also plays a “decisive leadership and organizing role.

The significance of the announced manifesto for a political goal is between the lines. The author is aware of the strategies and programs being implemented in the country, including the most promising of them: “Construction – New Oil”. What does Ilnitsky write about in this regard?

“The new territorial policy is the priority of the state,” he says.

Russia should be a “uniformly populated and low-rise buildings country“, and this requires abandoning the “megalopolis urbanization” imposed on Russia by Western partners.

The upper echelons of the power have already abandoned the strategy of megalopolis urbanization, but not for the purpose of  “jobs, schools, clinics, first aid stations, pharmacies, shops, houses of culture, outdoor sports, leisure and more” being throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. But to attract and retain the capital in Russia through endless renovation. It is this idea that runs through the entire “Aggressive Infrastructure Development” plan, which industry managers immediately called “Aggressive Construction Strategy”.

Ilnitsky also speaks about the retention of capital in Russia, expressing this simple idea in slogan: “He who is not with us is against us.” Those who are against us may get their property confiscated.

“Those ‘who are not with us’ must realize that they risk losing everything,” writes Ilnitsky.

The military elite of Russia around the president of the country

The adviser notes that it is the army and the military-industrial complex that should become the key “source of ideology of serving the Fatherland” and “the center for the formation of nationally oriented managers” for all spheres, including health care, education and science.

The command economy combined with protectionism and corporatism, multiplied by the ideology of the nation’s cohesion around the ruler and the state, is a very recognizable model that was popular in the early to mid-20th century in a number of states consistently carrying out aggression towards the Soviet Union. You have no doubt when you pay attention to how Ilnitsky nurtures the importance of strengthening the role of the military elite and highligh the “national” elite in opposition to the “comprador” one.

Do you think that the word starting with the letter “F” always sounds disgusting? It can also be so – attractive, promising, inspiring hope. And only those who have studied history well will not allow those in power who dream of the new brown plague to “reset” the worldview and replace the goals of Russians, and of young people in the first place ”.