Sergey Lavrov spoke about the main value for Russians


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the opposition has a “one-sided view from the position of well-being”, despite the fact that for Russians a sense of national pride has always played an important role.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov

Of course, the feeling of national pride is inherent in Russian people, Russian workers. However, the Lavrovs suggest that we should be proud of the very fact of belonging to Russia, which is about the same as being proud of our blood type. Whereas this feeling must have and actually has a real, concrete expression.

The working class of Russia can be proud of their achievements in the struggle for social justice and freedom. Once upon a time, the violence and oppression perpetrated by Russian capitalists, landowners and tsarist satraps caused a natural rejection of the Russian working masses, who, having risen to fight for a better lot, for a free and comfortable life, overthrew the oppressors. The result of this was the creation of the most just society in history, which reached unprecedented heights in the social sphere, science and technology. This led to an increase in the well-being of workers not only in the Soviet Union, but throughout the world, since the capitalists of all countries were forced to make concessions to the workers in order to somewhat soften their onslaught.

But if we look at what this struggle of the working people of Russia consisted, for what they fought, we will see that they fought just for the things listed by the Minister: for a prosperous, well-fed and comfortable life, for confidence in the future, for the happiness of their children. … But the modern Russian state cannot provide this, which is why Lavrovs invent ephemeral “national pride”, not particularly bothering themselves with specific explanations.

Now, when the working people of Russia are again under the yoke of the capitalists, it is especially difficult for them to be proud of the “achievements” of the bourgeois “fatherland”. Indeed, who would be proud of collapsed healthcare, education and falling rockets?