Sberbank bankrupts one of the largest farms in the Sverdlovsk region


Support for domestic producers in practice

Words about “supporting small and medium-sized businesses” have long become an integral part of government propaganda. The reality is much simpler: banks do not spare anyone. In the Sverdlovsk region, Sberbank bankrupts one of the largest farms in the region. It is noteworthy that this farm gained fame in 2016, when it presented a large family of “Putin’s” piglets.

The object of Sberbank’s claims was Polevskaya Ferma (Полевская ферма) LLC. This agricultural enterprise produces about 25 tons of semi-finished products per month and has four stores in the region. The bank plans to file a claim to declare the farm a bankrupt. This is not the first lawsuit against LLC; In July 2021, by a court decision, the farm’s freezer, refrigerator monoblock and five display cases went under the hammer. In 2020, the farm’s net profit reached 10.9 million rubles, while the debt amounted to 27.5 million rubles, and the short-term debt reached 39.7 million rubles. It is difficult to say what caused such indicators: unfavorable market conditions, tax oppression or management miscalculations. However, the farm is really close to a sad ending.

In 2016, this enterprise was able to gain fame after the appeal of the large Agaydarov family to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The family asked to give them two piglets for the New Year; the governor of the region instructed the relevant ministry “to address this issue.” As a result, the co-founder of the farm Pavel Dergachev, whose farm numbered 2.7 thousand piglets at that time, has agreed to help the Agaydarov family. Thus, the request to Putin was granted.

But even such fame does not save one from the chaos of the market. Meat production in Russia is becoming unprofitable. The needs of the country’s population, the need to strengthen food security – all this gives way to the desire for profit.