Saratov officials are planning to raise salaries by a quarter at once


The proposal of the chairman of the government of the Saratov region, Roman Busargin, to increase the salaries of the governor and persons holding public office, was supported by 25% of deputies from the “United Russia”. The draft law also provides for an increase in monthly cash incentives for top regional officials. If the increase is accepted, an additional 290 million rubles from the regional budget will be spent on salaries of officials only for the last 3 months of this year. At a meeting with the leadership of the Government of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin called poverty “one of the main enemies of Russia”.

“The regional government should employ qualified personnel who should not think about additional income or how to live on their salary. This topic should have been raised earlier”, said Busargin.

The head of the regional government recalled that the salaries of officials had not been raised for ten years, which, in his opinion, led to an outflow of qualified personnel and an increase in the volume of work.

He is supported by the deputy from the United Russia Sergei Gladkov: the increase in the salaries of officials “is people-oriented”, so that their problems are resolved more efficiently, but “without decently paid professionals this is impossible”.

It turns out that the regional deputies in recent years “survived” on “miserable” 135 thousand rubles a month. Now, receiving 168 thousand rubles, they will become much more “professional” and stop thinking about “additional income”.

The arguments against the increase in the officials’ salaries, voiced by the deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolai Bondarenko and Alexander Anidalov, did not find support among colleagues from the ruling party.

Based on the results of the discussion, the document was recommended for adoption in two readings.

Some people doubted that with the end of the election campaign its “winners” would forget about their promises. But it is striking how fast they remembered “their humble selves” and began to make hay while the sun shines. Apparently, it is the poverty of the bureaucracy that is the main enemy of Russia.

The events in the Saratov Duma clearly show in whose interests the bourgeois state machine functions. Let’s see if the United Russia majority will ever remember that in addition to the “poor” officials there is someone else suffering from a lack of money and whether the members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have a chance to influence this. In any case, ordinary workers will have to make do with tiny little pieces of master’s pie.