Russias premier demanded to change the school schedule


Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin demanded the elimination of evening shifts in schools. He also added that the requirement must be fulfilled as soon as possible.

As they say in such cases – easy for you to say! Third shifts still exist in schools not because of a prosperous life. There are many reasons for this, such as – shortage of classrooms, an insufficient amount of inventory and a shortage of teachers. This, in turn, has been generated by the state’s education policy over the past 30 years. Underfunding of schools in the 90s was replaced by optimization strategies, which led to underfunding of the education system as a whole. The downsizing of schools, in turn, led to a reduction in the total number of seats, which led to the overcrowding of existing educational institutions.

Meanwhile, the availability of school education has a significant impact on the demographic situation in modern Russia. By creating families and having children, people plan their future. And if there is no appropriate infrastructure for children, then Russians either refuses to have children, have smaller families to afford private education or so their children won’t be taken away to boarding schools.

To solve problems in the education system, a whole range of measures has to be implemented which must start with funding. This requires the introduction of modern socialist taxing systems inluding progressive taxes, taxes on luxury and so on. After all, it is vitally important to solve the offshoring problem so that businesses pay taxes in Russia and not on unknown islands.

It should be borne in mind that education is based on the country’s economy, its development, its technical and technological objectives. Without this, education will only continue to degrade. The aforementioned set of measures will make it possible to significantly improve the situation in the education system.