Russia’s “Nation Flag Day” – a holiday for authorities, not the people


The annual anniversary of the National Flag Day in Russia was held in a traditional manner. The authorities made solemn speeches, officials used budget funds for the “nationwide” celebrations and still, this “holiday” remained unnoticed among the people of Russia. Russia lives its own life, hard and terrible. On the eve of the “holiday” in Cheboksary (Republic of Chuvashia), an elderly disabled man hung out a poster on his balcony which literally read “Fellow people, help with bread”.

Government media reports on the celebration of the day of the Russian tricolour. Officials always appear in these reports. Often, they are artists hired by the government to entertain the public or driven volunteers but almost never – ordinary citizens. The interest of the people is evident, for example, by the following fact. The “FederalPress” publishing house wrote about how “dozens of artists from Kaliningrad to Nakhodka sang the Russian anthem in honour of the Flag Day.” This work was published in video format, which at the time of this preparation had less than 1000 views. In the comments to the video, we can find remarks which clearly outline peoples ideas about the project:

“A plus for the performance, minus for the fact that everything that is said in the lyrics – is not true.”

In many regions officials turned out to be smarter and simply timed various sporting contests and competitions to coincide with Flag Day, for which teams of state-owned corporations were involved. For example, a bicycle race was organized in Ufa, in which the Bashneft team (part of Rosneft) won the race.

Russian President – Vladimir Putin took part in the solemn rise of the Russian tricolour in Moscow’s “Victory Park”, during which, ordinary citizens were prudently removed from the premises.

Meanwhile, ordinary Russians have no time for this strange holiday. The usual tragedies are taking place in the country. In Cheboksary, on the eve of the “holiday”, an elderly man with disabilities hung a cardboard sign over his balcony window with the words “People, help with bread”.

An eyewitness reports: “The man is disabled, lives on the fourth floor, cannot walk … He was brought recently from the hospital.” Where the local social assistance services looked is unknown. But it is reported that the police came to the disabled person. Do you think they help him with bread or perhaps, were they there to bring him justice for unauthorized social action?

In any case, concerned citizens responded and brought food to the man. Today the tragedy was avoided, but what about tomorrow?

Tragedies have become a familiar part of Russian everyday life. On August 17, an IL-112V aircraft crashed during a test flight in the Moscow region. A crew of three, including a “Hero of Russia” – Nikolai Kuimov, died during the crash. According to Nikolai Talikov – the junior chairman of the IL technical council, the cause of the tragedy is was “shitty engines”. The company’s management has been aware of this issue for a long time.

In the Republic of North Ossetia, on August 9, due to a pipe break, oxygen supply to seriously ill patients was cut off. Due to the event, 9 people have died. This is not the first time! An 8-year-old girl was brutally murdered in Tyumen this summer, and on the eve of the “holiday,” her uncle died right at the impromptu memorial to her memory.

“Flag Day” has remained a holiday of the Russian government, not the people. People live and survive on their own, not counting on the help of the state, but rather fearing it. More and more Russians naturally perceive such a state as an alien and hostile force. If this trend continues, Putin’s assurances that “Russia has exhausted the limit on revolutions” will not come true.

Then the Russian tricolour, which during the 20th century served as a banner for the enemies of the mighty USSR, will be thrown to where the victorious people will see fit.