Russians have been banned from raising chickens on their “dacha” properties


The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation upheld the decision of the State Inspectorate of the Volgograd Region on the use and protection of lands in the case of an administrative offence under Part 1 of Ar. 8.8 of the Administrative Code (use of a land plot for inappropriate purposes in accordance with its belonging to a particular category of land) in relation to Taisiya Koverchenko, TASS reports. She was fined 10 thousand rubles for breeding poultry in her garden.

“The court ruled the decision of the deputy chief state inspector of the Volgograd region for the use and protection of land in relation to Koverchenko Taisiya Ivanovna, in the case of an administrative offence under Part 1 of Art. 8.8 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, to be left unchanged and dismiss Koverchenko’s complaint without satisfaction” – the resolution says.

According to Article 3 of the Federal Law of July 29, 2017, N 217-FZ (as amended of December 22, 2020) – “On the conduct of gardening and horticulture by citizens for their own needs and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”- a “garden land plot” is a land plot intended for recreational use of citizens and (or) the cultivation of crops by citizens for their own needs with the right to place garden houses, residential buildings, outbuildings and garages.

REMEMBER: The Law – is the will of the ruling class, elevated to governance and forced to be executed by law enforcement and state mechanisms.

Food prices are rising monthly. Nobody is going to fight this matter seriously because it is unprofitable for business (and state). In pursuit of profit, manufacturers use cheap ingredients, feed animals with various “additives” to increase their weight, add chemicals to products that increase shelf life. Naturally, not everyone is delighted with such “cunning tricks”. Those who have the opportunity try to reduce the consumption of store products and grow potatoes, carrots on their “6 acres”, breed animals, etc. There is a large degree of logic with empathy to the common folk.

We do not know how the owner of the garden plot harmed anyone by raising chickens on their property. However, there is no doubt: if she had several million in her account, if she owned some metallurgical plant or a shopping centre, she would not have had any problems changing the purpose of her site. Yes, none of the representatives of the regulatory authorities would simply even poke their heads towards her with questions about poultry or “misuse of the land.”

As long as the power in the country belongs to owners of large corporations, ordinary citizens will be constantly reminded where they belong. “Miratorg Corporation” – untouched and auntie Taisiya Koverchenko – fined for state profit.