Russians express their support for graduated income tax


The voice of the people

According to a poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 54% of Russians agreed to pay higher taxes provided that everything would go to the support of the poor people. Such support should, however, be provided by offering more free education, health care, and security services.

The overwhelming majority of the interviewees – 83 percent – supported the introduction of a progressive personal income tax. And only 13 percent said that the tax rate should be equal for all.

The results of the survey are eloquent of the majority of citizens’ opinion who support a progressive tax and better support for the poor, and a significant part of them are willing to pay even more taxes for that purpose. To a great extent, this is due to the fact that there is no fence against ill-fortune, especially under capitalism. Nowadays, even a well-off person living untroubled life can lose everything overnight and end up sidelined by society. And therefore, the majority of people, realizing this could happen to anyone, favored extending free social guarantees.

We can also see that the overwhelming majority of people in Russia are in favor of the graduated tax introduction. The introduction of this tax would significantly improve the financing of health care, education, culture, which would have a great impact on these sectors; raise scholarship allowances and refuse to increase the retirement age, while raising retired pay. 83 percent who spoke in favor of the introduction of a progressive tax are the working people, who create all the wealth by their labor and at the same time, they have a small amount of that wealth to support their lives.

Of course, the opinion of the absolute majority of country citizens’  is most likely to fall on the authorities deaf ears. Moreover, the government might raise taxes for the working people, considering the public opinion of 54% of people who agreed to pay more taxes, but would let the rich pay less. The graduated personal income tax will definitely hit hard the rich, businessmen, and business owners. These are the people whose benefits are protected and concerns are heeded first by the authorities.

In order for the working people’s point of view to be considered first, they have to turn it into their will and get the authorities to fulfill it.