Russians are poor, because deep down inside they feel poor


According to psychologist Dmitry Sinarev, Russians feel poor simply because they experience a constant feeling of dissatisfaction with their lives, envy more successful people and do not move from victim mentality to an active life position, RIA Novosti reports.

Very often people who objectively live in prosperity, feel poor. They are so because they experience a constant feeling of dissatisfaction with their lives. They tend to constantly compare themselves with someone who has something more: a more beautiful wife, a cooler car, a more prestigious position, taller and so on, – “the expert” told the Prime agency.

We remind you – that President Vladimir Putin, referring to the methods of the World Bank referred to the middle class those who receive one and a half times the minimum wage. A year ago, this criterion was met by almost 70% of Russians living on 17 thousand rubles a month. Such salaries are considered quite sufficient by officials of a lower rank.

As if echoing the head of state, psychologist Sinarev argues that Russians, by and large, are not so poor. They just need to stop being jealous of their more “successful” compatriots. It is necessary to “take the fifth point (butt in Russian slang) off the couch”, take up the mind and begin, finally, to work hard on their employers with even greater zeal. We must fight the “victim mentality” within ourselves. And then life will smile: money will immediately be enough for food, and for clothes, for the education of children and for medicines, and for summer vacations in comfortable hotels in Sochi and Crimea.

Such “scientists” are only fulfilling the order of the ruling class: by any means to distract the working people from realizing the true causes of their poverty. But life makes the “happy owners of one and a half minimum wage” believe less and less in the likes of “recipes from Sinarev.”