Russians again named Stalin the most outstanding person in history


For 9 years in a row, Russians have called Joseph Stalin the most outstanding person in history. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the “Levada Center” in May. In addition to Stalin, the top three included Vladimir Lenin (30%) and Alexander Pushkin (23%).

Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin

Peter I (19%) and Vladimir Putin (15%) entered the top five. Over the last 27 years (the survey was conducted since 1994), Peter the Great has lost 22% of support, which may indicate a breakthrough in public opinion. Sympathy for the current president, who won 34% of the vote in 2017, has dropped by more than half this time.

The top ten includes Yuri Gagarin, Georgy Zhukov, Leonid Brezhnev, Albert Einstein, Dmitry Mendeleev. The growth of support was recorded in the last three participants of the “top”. In this regard, experts are already putting forward hypotheses about the emerging demand of society for scientific development and stable growth of the state.

The liberal wing of the Russian public has rallied around Andrei Sakharov. Since 2017, his support has grown from 2% to 7%, and this is not strange: Sakharov is the only oppositionist in the list whom many consider to be a staunch anti-Soviet and an ardent apologist of liberal values (although this is not entirely true). 

This year, more than ever, the share of undecided voters has increased from 9% in 2017 to 19% today.

1) J. Stalin; 2) V. Lenin; 3) A. Pushkin; 4) Peter the Great; 5) V. Putin; 6) Y. Gagarin; 7) G. Zhukov; 8) L. Brezhnev; 9) A. Einstein; 10) D. Mendeleev; 11) M. Lomonosov; 12) A. Sakharov; 13) L. Tolstoy; 14) A. Suvorov; 15) Catherine the Great; 16) M. Lermontov; 17) M. Kutuzov; 18) Napoleon I; 19) S. Korolev; 20) A. Hitler

It is clear to the authors of the study and friendly oppositioners of the liberal persuasion that the “new” Russia has failed to create new ideology that would be important for society.

“Since 1989, no new significant symbolic figures have appeared in the list of at least 20 of the most important names”, sums up Lev Gudkov, scientific director of the Levada Center.

One way or another, generations are still choosing “damn” communists as their idols, those who had something in them to be considered great – Stalin, Lenin, Gagarin, Zhukov, Brezhnev. Neither Boris Yeltsin, nor Alexei Navalny, nor Ksenia Sobchak, nor Yuri Dud received the “audience award”.