Russian billionaires increased their wealth during 2020 crisis

2021-01-07 reports that against the backdrop of the 2020 crisis, Russian billionaires increased their combined net worth by $ 13.8 billion.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI), Suleiman Kerimov’s capital grew by $ 4.82 billion up to $ 9.89 billion and Alisher Usmanov’s – by $ 4.46 billion and equals $ 21.1 billion at the moment.

During 2020 the mass media wrote extensively about the global crisis, which was catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many entrepreneurs lost everything at the very beginning of the crisis and were forced to close their businesses. And one might have thought that the billionaires from the ranking were incredibly lucky to multiply their fortunes against the background of general losses, if their foreign “colleagues” hadn’t demonstrated how to make money during crisis, and “Forbes” hadn’t called the coronacrisis “a gift of fate” for those who knows how to make money.

It turns out that it’s natural for the clever and experienced businessman with shares in their pocket to get rich even during the famine. For workers, neither Forbes nor Bloomberg will give any advice on how to get out of the crisis, other than tightening their belts and holding on to their jobs, despite the worsening job conditions. Indeed, the powerful of this world would hardly be able to maintain their positions and wallets so successfully without robbing ordinary workers.

Therefore, we urge workers to reject recommendations to tighten their belts and wait for more satisfying times, but to take the initiative into their own hands and join in an active struggle for their rights.