Russia will lose another million people due to poverty


And scientists rely on migrants.

The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) said that only migrants can fix the demographic problem in Russia. The representative of the Institute of Sociology of the RAS is sure that the influx of migrants should always be positive. In his opinion, even “according to the good variant”, the birth rate will not be able to provide natural population growth. However, not everyone agrees with the “migration trend”. The representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry predicted a decrease in the population of Russia by another million and named the main reason – poverty. However, the government, in his opinion, is not at all concerned about this. It is more profitable to maintain poverty and bring in the same poor migrants.

The population decline in the Russian Federation in 2021 has reached record numbers, and only migration growth can correct the situation. This was stated in an interview on Radio 1 by the chief researcher of the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Doctor of Sociological Sciences Vladimir Mukomel. In his opinion, measures to stimulate the birth rate will not lead to a turning point in the situation, and we must accept this:

“People prefer small families. They understand that in a large patriarchal family, which has not been in Russia for many decades, that is, in a large family, it is very difficult to give a quality education to all children, to bring up highly educated and intellectually developed, as well as sociable people. And hence the reorientation towards a small family – unfortunately, we have to put up with this trend”, he concluded.

Why is it difficult to give children a decent education in a large family? Maybe the whole point is that education has long become de facto paid? The expenses for it are growing from year to year, but the incomes of Russians are falling rapidly, so it is more and more difficult to raise and take care of a child in Russia.

If the RAS expert actually proposed to put up with poverty, then the representative of the organized capital took a different position. Dmitry Lyubomudrov, a member of the Council for Financial, Industrial and Investment Policy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), called a spade a spade:

“Russia is the world leader in excess mortality. And this is very important – we have not a natural population decline, but an accelerated one, which is not justified either by the coronavirus or by any other external conditions… Parents are simply afraid to give birth to more children, because they understand that it will be difficult to feed them… Hopelessness along the poor is what generates excess mortality.”

Checked the numbers – unemployment falls!

The CCI expert recalled that the Russian government laid down in its plans to reduce the country’s population by 1 million people in the next two years, and recalled the opinion of Yuri Krupnov, an employee of the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development, who said that while maintaining the current trends by the end of the 21st century only half of the current population of the Russian Federation will remain.

According to Lyubomudrov, “Western liberals” are to blame for everything, since “reasonable people, real patriots, must do everything so that our citizens have incomes that allow them to feed their families, in my opinion, at least ten people.” At the same time, the expert drew attention to the constant growth in the number of billionaires in Russia.

Continuing the logic of Mr. Lyubomudrov, one can come to the conclusion that the “Western liberals” are firmly nestled in the Kremlin – and these are the very people who swear their patriotism. After all, the government, in his own words, is “not at all concerned” with changing the demographic situation. On the contrary, the Russian authorities count on the influx of migrants; they recently announced a “migration amnesty” for more than 150,000 Uzbekistan citizens who were previously banned from entering Russia. It is more profitable and profitable to import migrants than paying decent wages to Russians. And in our country, as you know, profit is more important than people.

Every year, the national catastrophe becomes more and more visible, to which the current economic and socio-political system in Russia will inevitably lead.