Russia is breaking anti-records as statistics record “unnatural” population decline


According to Rosstat, January 2021 saw mortality in Russia increased by 33.9%. During the month, 217.8 thousand people died, which is 55.7 thousand more than in the same period a year earlier. The rate of extinction of the Russian population equalled the rate of mortality in the most difficult post-war years. Official statistics continue to call what is happening with the hypocritical term “natural decline”.

The press reports that the actual number of deaths in the past 12 months was 2.18 million. In terms of growth rates in 2020, mortality set anti-records. For example, in December its growth amounted to 63.1% compared to the previous year. Such a spurt in mortality was observed (in addition to the current period) only twice: in the post-war hunger in 1947 and in 1993 when Boris Yeltsin carried out a coup d’etat against the backdrop of the collapse of the economy.

Simultaneously with the increase in mortality, the birth rate is falling. In January 2021, according to Rosstat, 106.6 thousand children were born, which is 10.3% less than in January 2020. Even the constant influx of eastern migrants stimulated by the Russian government cannot cover the demographic hole the bourgeoise state has dug itself in.

At the same time, Rosstat states that “the number of deaths from COVID-19 in January 2021 has decreased compared to December 2020.” However, the authorities’ data cannot inspire confidence against the backdrop of numerous scandals related to the falsification of statistical data: from an outright ban on doctors from diagnosing COVID-19 to fake statistics at the level of the republican ministry of Health in Dagestan.

The socio-economic system that emerged in Russia after the collapse of the USSR showed its insolvency even without the coronavirus epidemic. Capitalism is leading our country to extinction, degradation, ruin. The coronavirus has only multiplied this catastrophic trend.

It’s time to draw practical conclusions. While there is still time to make them…