Rosstat: gasoline continues to rise in price


According to Rosstat, in the first week of June, gasoline rose in price by 0.23%, which exceeds the inflation rate in the country by 1.44 times. The price of diesel fuel has not changed.

Gasoline prices are growing above inflation since the beginning of the year: average inflation was 3.65%, while gasoline prices increased by 4.08%. The Independent Fuel Union predicted an increase in gasoline prices in the summer of 2021. According to the forecast, the growth will be 1.5%.

Last April, the FAS explained the increase in the cost of fuels and lubricants by low temperatures. However, it is already June, and gasoline continues to rise in price. This means that low temperatures do not have a significant impact on the cost of motor fuel. It is obvious that the reason for the rise in fuel prices is the general economic and political situation in the country, as well as the structure of society that gave rise to this situation.

The main damage from the rise in gasoline prices will be borne by the working people, the poorest part of society, which constitutes the overwhelming majority of the country’s population. A car in the regions is no longer a luxury, but a necessary means of transportation. In large cities, the cheapest housing, as a rule, is located on the outskirts, far from the place of work, which is often quite difficult to get to by dilapidated and optimized public transport. In addition, the optimization of health care and education systems led to a decrease in the number of medical institutions and schools. So, to get to the nearest schools, universities or clinics, you also need a car. For wealthy segments of the population, the problem is not so acute: with high incomes, gasoline costs take up a smaller share, and newer, more sophisticated cars consume less fuel.