Roscosmos will protect itself from unfair competitors


Roscosmos intends to register a number of historical designations related to space exploration as trademarks, in order to protect its interests from unscrupulous competitors.

The complete list of new trademarks has not yet been made public, but it is already known that the historical phrase “Let’s go!” spoken by Yuri Gagarin on 12 April 1961 will not be considered national property any longer. It will only be possible to use it without breaking the law by replenishing the treasury of the state corporation.

It turns out that Roscosmos that manages national space industry is going to protect its interests not by developing science or accelerating construction of new missiles, but by legal enforcement of the right to use historical designations. It’s a rhetorical question whether this will help Roscosmos to outrun Elon Musk.

But Russian capital, and Roscosmos as part of it, has little interest in serious investments in the space industry, which does not give a quick financial return. This is well illustrated by incomplete development efforts which they are desperately trying to cover up with either clumsy excuses or absurd PR.

In the attempts to protect “the company’s interests from unscrupulous competitors” one rather can see the capitalists’ intention to finally privatize all achievements of the Soviet people (even in seemingly little things) and squeeze the maximum profit out of them.

We should not be expecting breakthroughs in science and technology with such approach.