Roman Putin is to create political party in support of Vladimir Putin

The fever of party building affected even the family of the country head. A nephew of the Russian President, a former FSB operative Roman Putin announced the creation of his own political movement, “People of Action”. He is ready to help his cousin uncle, he wants to fight the opposition and expects to get into the Duma. The closer the elections, the more various political and technological projects flicker before us. New colourful signs drape same old content.

Roman Putin
Roman Putin

Roman Putin announced that in February his movement allegedly had already gained 16 thousand supporters in 45 regions. The movement is positioned as a “right-wing conservative project”, which completely coincides with the political line of the ruling regime and with the positioning of many other newly-minted political parties. The party founder declares the support of President Vladimir Putin and also his lack of alternative for the country:

“We would like to assist the government in its positive endeavors, we fully support the President’s policy. The main emphasis, however, will be made on the regions, those that were overlooked at some point … Our country needs a strong leader. Especially in a situation of the global crisis. There is no alternative to Vladimir Putin. Well, it cannot be Navalny, can it?”

The particular concern of Roman Putin is the activity of the opposition. The founder of “People of Action” movement states that it is necessary to combat “populism” and “imaginary representatives of the interests of the majority” who “only make promises”. The “people of action” themselves have ambitious plans – to hold a constituent congress of the party before the end of spring, register it and take part in the next elections to the State Duma. Political strategists directly say that the new party may well be helped through beaurocratic processes to participate in the elections, but they are showing a reserved attitude towards the electoral prospects. For example, political analyst Konstantin Kalachev reports:

“Surely, the presidential administration can provide them with a “green corridor”. But one big name is not enough for success. The population, even loyalists, are not very happy about signs of nepotism. In addition, there is already a “Putin party”, and this is “The United Russia”, and the target audicence for this party of Putin’s nephew is unclear. The motivation for ordinary voters to choose them is not obvious at all”.

Donbass Volunteer Association
Donbass Volunteer Association

The “Putin’s nephew” party is certainly not the only political technology project in recent months. For example, well-known businessman Konstantin Malofeev, head of the Tsargrad holding company, a monarchist and anti-communist, can compete for “right-wing conservatism”. Recently, with his participation, an emergency conference of the so-called “Union of Donbass Volunteers” was held, moreover, the former assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov took part in it and promoted the conference to the media. In February, another “right-wing” conservative party was established by publicist Zakhar Prilepin. In addition to them, several more political parties have been hastily created. Even singer Valeria announced the creation of her party “Strong Women”.

The purpose of all this political technological fuss is understandable. In anticipation of the next elections and the transit of power, the ruling regime seeks to create the illusion of “democracy” among the population. New faces, new signs mask the old content – the unconditional support of the power of big capital.

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