Richest countries are buying up coronavirus vaccine

The UK, the USA, Japan and the EU countries have agreed to supply more than 1.3 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines. This was reported by the Nakanune.RU news agency with reference to Airfinity analysts.

At the same time, the figure of 1.3 billion is not final. The number of doses may grow by another 1.5 billion due to an increase in unsecured supplies. Thus, the richest countries in the world pose a threat to other countries, since they will not be able to purchase vaccines in the required quantities for a long time, if they have such an opportunity at all.

The market economy once again demonstrates its “charms” to the whole world. As long as wealthy countries buy the vaccines, less fortunate countries will have to put up with the raging epidemic without being able to seriously fight it. In this case, the vaccines do not even have to be used – they can be resold to others at inflated prices or an artificial shortage can be created so any conditions can be dictated to those in need. From the global scale, the coronavirus is slowly turning into an instrument of geopolitical pressure, and its use is only a matter of time.

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