Residents of the Chelyabinsk region are asked to carry kettles and microwave ovens to victims of fires


The government of the Chelyabinsk region has opened assistance reception center for victims of fires in the Kartala region. Residents are asked to carry microwave ovens, kettles, refrigerators. The government itself has no money for citizens – there is a multibillion-dollar budget deficit. But the officials are doing well … while Russia keeps burning.

The hot summer again, as in previous years, led to extensive fires throughout the country. The media sparingly report on a large forest fire in the territory of Togliatti (Samara region) and in the Kurgan region. However, the true scale of what is happening is known to few. Yakutia, for example, is engulfed in flames: the funds allocated for extinguishing forest fires have been completely used up, and there is not enough aviation. And they are also short of fire fighters. In many cases, local residents are left alone with fires. Here is what is reported on the resource “Agitprop” with reference to the residents of the Nagaybaksky district (adjacent to the aforementioned Kartalinsky district) of the Chelyabinsk region:

“The villages of Dzhabyk, Zapasnoye, Paris, Kalinka are burning. Firefighters are inactive. No helicopters, no airplanes. The villages are surrounded by forest and everything is on fire … On the 9th, a helicopter flew in, then flew away, people started calling: “Where is the help?” Then he flew in again and again there is no … According to my relatives, they are waiting for the wind to go to the other side. Men from all over the village gathered and extinguished on their own”.

Annual large-scale forest fires have become another common catastrophe in Russia. The year before last, fires in Siberia reached such a scale that Krasnoyarsk was clouded with smog. At the same time, officials do not hesitate to declare that some fires are economically inexpedient to extinguish. This is what the government of the Irkutsk region made clear at the end of July 2019.

The helplessness of the authorities in the fight against the fire element is a direct consequence of the destruction of the forest protection established in the USSR. In 2006, under the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, a new Forest Code was adopted, which virtually eliminated a single, centralized forest fire protection service. The federal government has relinquished responsibility for forest conservation and transferred it to the regions. And the regions, as always, do not have enough money. For example, the budget of the Chelyabinsk region for the current year was adopted with a deficit of more than 22 billion rubles.

As a result, the citizens of the country are on their own. Taxes are paid, budgets are mastered, and it seems that there is no one to hope for in the fight against the elements, since the state cannot even buy teapots for the victims … Why, then, is such a state needed?