Putin said that Russia reached the limit of revolutions


The authorities’ true goal

During a press conference following a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin said that the Russian authorities would not permit a new revolution to be repeated in Russia. The President also explained: “Russia reached the limit of revolutions in the twentieth century. We don’t want any more revolutions. ” Back in the 90s, Gennady Zyuganov, chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, was the first to declare that Russia had reached the limit of revolutions.

But both Zyuganov and Putin overlook the fact that revolutions are an objective process, a natural result of the development of society, the driving forces of the revolution are huge masses of people. That means that revolutions take place irrespective of the will of individuals. Of course, the actions of individuals can influence the course of the revolution, delay or the other way around, bring it closer.

It is clear that the modern Russian authorities no longer need a revolution. After all, now only one revolution is possible – the socialist revolution, which will lead to the fact that Russian business will lose its property, will cease to exist as a class. That is why, the goal of the Russian government, which acts in the interests of business, is to prevent a revolution. It is for this that the state is building up law enforcement agencies, especially those involved in the fight against internal threats. To prevent a possible revolution, historical facts are distorted, wrong ideas are introduced into people’s minds, the education system is changing so that the younger generation has a distorted view of reality. Religious dogmas are being implanted in the minds of the working people, and the scientific worldview is being broken down.

But these measures, on the one hand, giving some positive results for the authorities, in the long term, on the contrary, lead to an even greater growth of the revolutionary situation. Building up the security forces should be provided with adequate funding, so the funding for health and education should be accordingly reduced, which will lead to the deterioration of the working and employment conditions of workers and their families. A decline in the level and quality of education, the introduction of an idealistic worldview into the consciousness of the working people, the development of pseudosciences, and the support of religious dogmas will cause a deterioration in the situation of the working people. This process entails the growth of radical tendencies in society. After all, whatever the authorities do, the outcome will eventually be the same.