Putin blamed the Bolsheviks for the collapse of the USSR


President’s new revelations

At a concert dedicated to the 7th anniversary of the accession of Crimea, Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready and willing to live in friendship and cooperation with its neighbors, but it will not allow its own “generous gifts” to be used to the detriment of its interests.

President Putin also said that “in the 20s of the last century, the Bolsheviks, forming the Soviet Union, for some unknown until now reasons transferred significant territories, geopolitical spaces to the quasi-state entities, and then, falling apart themselves, breaking up their party from within, collapsing the Soviet Union, led to the fact that Russia had lost colossal territories.”

Thus, Mr. Putin once again began to distort the facts in order to discredit the Soviet power, the founders of the USSR.

The reasons for the transfer of “significant territories” are well known. For the first time in history, the USSR was created as a free union of nations and nationalities, whose working people, through united efforts, threw off the yoke of capitalists and landowners and began to build their future. At the same time, the USSR was formed by combining the already existing Soviet republics into a single state. These republics arose on the territory of the disintegrated Russian Empire. Their territories were determined in accordance with the predominant residence of the titular nationality. At the same time, of course, the rights of other peoples and nationalities in these territories were not limited or infringed upon. For the first time in history, many nations in the created free Union received their nationhood and the possibility of free cultural development.

This national policy made it possible to create a lasting alliance of workers of different nationalities, united by one common goal of building socialism. The Union has withstood the most difficult test that can ever befall the state and the people – the test of the greatest war in the history of mankind.

Soviet soldiers

However, when bourgeois tendencies prevailed in the process of the country’s development for a number of reasons, the capital emerging in the republics needed power, and a single socialist state became an obstacle for capital in achieving its goal. Through the collapse of the multinational state, the new bourgeoisie managed to disunite the working people, sow national enmity and thereby distract them from the struggle against capital. Over time, this disunity has led to increased exploitation of the workers of the former Soviet republics.

It was not the Bolsheviks who destroyed the Soviet Union, but the capitalists dear to Putin’s heart, many of whom belong to the high Kremlin offices. And they are now enjoying all the benefits of the collapse of the USSR. The working people, the overwhelming majority of whom were against the dismemberment of the USSR, on the contrary, received untold misery and suffering from the elimination of socialism and the Soviet Union.